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top 10 must-read blogs of 2023 from

As we approach the conclusion of 2023, it’s the perfect moment to shine a spotlight on the blogs that are loved by you. Here are the “Top 10 must-read blogs of 2023,” a collection of blogs covering the basics of robotics, algorithms, DIY robotics creations, and parenting! These blogs are widely accepted and appreciated by our audience and ranking high over the digital landscape. Have a look and get inspired!

1. Algorithm examples in everyday life

If you are looking for a unique way to teach coding to your kid, start from here. This activity-based blog includes daily life examples of algorithms, such as how to brush teeth, how to cross the road, how to make lemon juice, etc. Graphical representation and free activity worksheets make it perfect for off-screen time spent for kids, as well as a problem-solving approach for adults.

algorithm to cross the road - algorithm in everyday life

2. How IR sensor works

How to teach sensors and electronics in the simplest way? This blog explains the concepts of an IR sensor, the working principle, and circuit structure of an IR sensor, along with its applications in the most simplified manner.


3. 89 questions kids ask about robots with answers

Check out 89 frequently asked questions by children about their favorite robots and robotics. This resource is beneficial for robotics teachers as well as parents of Generation Alpha.

4. Robotics for kids – A complete guide for parents & educators

Now that you can already answer questions on robotics, let’s dig deeper into the field of robotics for kids. Explore where it all starts and how it progresses, including the future benefits of learning robotics, how to initiate learning robotics, and engaging robotics activities at home, etc.

robotics for kids

5. How to make automatic street light project – DIY smart street light model

By using an LDR sensor, the smart street light turns ON automatically at night and OFF when daylight approaches. This is one of the most loved projects for a school science fair. Check out the easiest way of making it using Havi Elements.

automatic street light banner image

6. How to make automatic hand dryer at home – DIY STEAM project for kids

What if you could create something you’ve seen in hotels by yourself? An automatic hand dryer is one such project in which hands dry automatically when placed near the machine.

And you know that With Havi Elements – DIY Robotics Starter Kit, one can create 93+ creations.

7. 45 questions to ask in parent-teacher meeting of your child

“Thank you so much for preparing this blog, yaar. As a father, it is indeed very useful for me.” – Many responses from parents after reading this blog.

Parents, we understand your challenges and are always standing with you. Use these genuine questions along with grades, studies, etc. in parent-teachers meet.

questions to be asked in parents teachers meeting

8. Space quiz by

Find out the top 10 space-related questions.

space quiz by

9. Online science quiz for kids

In the quiz series, the science quiz is a hit. Launched on National Science Day 2023, this quiz is not only popular on digital platforms but also a favorite at expos and giveaways throughout the year.

Check out the 10 interesting science questions.

Havi science quiz for kids

Explore the ‘Quizzes’ section for online quizzes and discover ‘Riddling Cards’ for the physical quiz card game.

10. Why only kids? Maze puzzles for Adults and Kids both

We have been publishing many free activities that inspire to play, create, and perform. One of them is Mazz Puzzles, a perfect brain game for all ages. It includes a printable exercise as well.

Solve them and be mindfully ready for 2024.

maze puzzles for kids and adults

As we wrap up, we have a question for you: What was your favorite content from in 2023? Feel free to email us with your thoughts.

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