We are eagerly looking for

  • Inbound Marketer (Full-time, At-office)
  • Sales Representative(Full-time/ Part-time/ Freelance/ Interns)
  • Content Writers (Full-time/ Freelance/ At-office/ Remote)
  • Software Engineer – Full Stack (Full-time/ Freelance/ At-office/ Remote)
  • Electronics Engineer (Full-time, At-office)
  • Product Designer (Full-time, At-office)
  • Graphics & UI-UX Designer (Full-time/ Freelance/ At-office/ Remote)
  • Interns, Fresh Graduates & Dropouts
Inbound Marketer (Full-time, At-office)

What is it about?

Build the brand & Increase the sales by driving traffic and optimizing the user experience.

Responsible for

  • Visitor growth
  • Audience growth
  • Sales growth

Job description

  • Keyword research and market analysis.
  • Developing and executing various form Content creation and distribution strategy.
  • Designing and executing online and offline, free and paid campaigns.
  • Managing various channels like store, marketplaces, social media, blogs etc.
  • Creating and executing email campaigns.
  • Bringing the user’s insights into product improvement.
  • Representing the company in consumer fairs, events, meeting and offline sales campaigns.

Essential skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Using SEO tools including search console, analytics and ahrefs.
  • At least basic usage and understanding of graphics and video tools.
  • Good sense of content quality check.
  • Good sense of design.
  • Good photography would be a great plus.

Level of Experience

2+ years in this specific profile dealing with physical consumer products.

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Sales Representative(Full-time/ Part-time/ Freelance/ Interns)

What is it about?

Driving sales through popup shops, events and institutional partnerships.

Market location

  • Need sales reps to work in the cities of Bengaluru and Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar to start with. The person will spend the time in the field mostly with in-city and out-city travelling.

Job description

  • Identify and execute the opportunities to set up pop-up stores. (D2C)
  • Partner with toy shops.
  • Manage the inventory on hand.
  • Partner with educational institutions.
  • Help on various channels to improve digital marketing.

Being the part of the very first sales team at Havi, you will be working on various phases of the entire sales cycle.

Essential skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English, Hindi and the local language
  • Experience of selling toys and other children’s products would be an added advantage.

Level of Experience

  • 2+ years of experience in sales of toys and educational products in D2C and/or to institutions is preferred.
  • Freshers and interns can also apply.

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Content Writers (Full-time/ Freelance/ At-office/ Remote)

What is it about?

Writing unique and gripping content which users would want to read.
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Software Engineer – Full Stack (Full-time/ Freelance/ At-office/ Remote)

What is it about?

Develop and deliver new features.

Responsible for

  • Writing beautiful and performing code, for front and back end
  • API development
  • Timely delivery of features
  • Documentation and setting up right processes

Technology definition

  • ReactJS, NodeJS
  • REST, Microservices
  • JavaScripts
  • Headless development
  • Cloud servers (AWS, Google)
  • Experience with Magento and other ecommerce frameworks is a great plus

Level of experience

  • A minimum of 2+ years experience with MERN stack. More experience with above or other technologies would be a plus.

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Electronics Engineer (Full-time, At-office)

What is it about?

Playing with electronics and building awesome things.

Responsible for

  • Researching on the idea and making a viable working prototype
  • Component selection
  • All phases of circuit & PCB design
  • Collaborate with vendors for procurement and manufacturing
  • Testing and quality checks

Preference to be given to

  • GATE qualified
  • Having experience in firmware development along with hardware

Level of Experience

  • 2+ years in electronics and circuit design

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Product Designer (Full-time, At-office)

What is it about?

Designing robotic toys.

What will you be doing?

  • Be part of ideation for the applications and associated designs of projects to be done using Havi Elements.
  • Design, detail and develop the parts and objects.
  • Identifying and evaluating the material.
  • User interaction and validation of the ideas and prototypes.
  • Documentation and content creation.
  • Preparing graphics, 2D and 3D drawings/ models in computer softwares.
  • Be part of procurement and manufacturing.
  • Be part of packaging design and execution.

Key skills and requirements

  • Ability to execute upto the end solution.
  • Great visual and verbal communication skills

Level of Experience

People with experience of more then 12 months can apply.

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Graphics & UI-UX Designer (Full-time/ Freelance/ At-office/ Remote)

Job Description

  • Web page design
  • Designing Brochure, Social media creatives, Banners, Advertisements, Infographics, user manuals and other forms of content.
  • Editing Videos for youtube, reels and other channels.
  • Graphics for packaging
  • Be in sync with Product engineering to help design the flow of the product.
  • Represent the company in trade fairs and events to have first-hand interaction and learning from customers.
  • Keep iterating and experimenting to Improve conversion of various channels.

Skills required

  • Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, Movie Maker and other 2D, 3D graphics andvideo tools
  • Creative Visualization & implementation
  • Great Communicator
  • Data analysis and interpretation

Responsible For

  • Conversion matrix of various channels
  • Increasing customer base and sales

Type of Association

  • Open for full time, freelance and consulting roles

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Interns, Fresh Graduates & Dropouts

Students, freshers and dropouts are welcome for short working tenures and internship opportunities in the following domains. An internship may lead to a job depending on your skills and the level of relationships we can establish during this time.

Electronics engineering (At-Office)

  • Electronics and circuits
  • Robotics
  • Embedded systems

Design (Remote or At-Office)

  • Graphic design and branding
  • Industrial and product design
  • UI UX design
  • Animation and Videos

Marketing (Remote or At-Office)

  • Content writing
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales and business development

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