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How to make automatic hand dryer at home – DIY STEAM project for kids

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how to make automatic hand dryer

You must have been a traveling freak and explored many places in India & World. You might have seen the machines that automatically dries your hands. Yes, the machines that we saw in the washrooms of restaurants and hotels to dry your hands with the flow of air. The machines are automatic as well. Place your hand below, and it will blow the air to dry your hand.

Let’s prepare a mini project on an automatic hand dryer using Havi Elements. You can find the elements and accessories from Havi Elements – DIY Robotics Starter Kit.

What will you need?

Power – 1
Motor – 1
IR – 1

Gearless motor – 1
Powerbank with USB cable – 1
3-pin cable – 1

Craft material:
Double-sided tape
Craft paper

The making of automatic hand dryer

Step: 1
Measure a piece of craft paper with a scale of 7 cm and cut it into a square.

how to make an automatic hand dryer step 1
Step: 2
Draw 2 diagonals from the edges of the square, and mark 3 cm distance from all the sides.

Step: 3
Cut the paper from diagonal lines to the 3 cm mark on all sides.

how to make an automatic hand dryer step 2 and 3
Step: 4
Fold the cut paper inwards as shown.

how to make an automatic hand dryer step 4 & 5
Step: 5
Put a drop of glue on the edges of folded paper and stick it inwards. The dryer fan is ready.

Step: 6
In the center, make a hole using a pin.

how to make an automatic hand dryer step 6 & 7
Step: 7
Make the circuit using Havi Elements as below. Connect the gearless motor with Motor Element. Connect the powerbank.

how to make an automatic hand dryer circuit
Step: 8
Stick the circuit over the power bank using double-sided tape. Stick the powerbank and gearless motor using double-sided tape and prepare a setup.

Now, fix the dryer fan with the shaft of the gearless motor. Keep the IR LED near the dryer fan. Your DIY hair dryer is ready.

automatic hand dryer working model project

How does automatic hand dryer works?

The IR Element(IR sensor) used to detect the object nearby. When the IR sensor detects our hands, it will send a YES signal to the next Element, means Motor Element. As soon as Motor Element receives a YES signal, the attached gearless motor rotates, and hence the hand dryer fan will rotate, too.

Know more on how IR sensor works.

The challenge for you!

We have executed the project more simply. Can you make an attractive outer model for your hand dryer? Here comes a challenge for you. Make the outer design for the DIY hand dryer and share your STEAM project model with us.

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