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Becoming a Robotics Teacher – Skills, Salary and Opportunities

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become robotics teacher

78% of the schools we communicate with, do ask for a reference to hire a robotics teacher. Robotics, the in-demand skill is gripping the job market and opening up a vast pool of opportunities for the right talent. Teaching this cutting edge discipline can be rewarding and exciting both.

How do I become a robotics teacher using Havi Elements? In this post you will find the answer along with skill requirements, salary, vacancies, training and certification details, curriculum and everything you need to know to become a robotics teacher. Also find a bonus downloadable template of job description for schools.

Robotics teacher qualification and skill requirements

Normal school would look for any of the following degrees while hiring a robotics teacher.
1. Degree in engineering with electronics discipline.
2. Diploma with electronics discipline.
3. Degree or diploma with any engineering background.
4. Under or post graduation with Physics and maths discipline.

But when It comes to teaching robotics and STEAM using Havi Elements, it’s about skills and not degrees.

We recommend the following skills to become a robotics teacher.

First and foremost, all the core skills like being a good communicator, a listener, having patience, compassion, etc are essential. We strongly recommend schools to never ever compromise on these. So if you also feel negativity for any of these, if you don’t enjoy being with kids, consider a different career option. Because being a teacher is being a “TEACHER”. Robotics is just a discipline.

Next comes the hard skills related to science and technology.

1. Ability and willingness to learn new things – again, not to compromise this.
2. Basic understanding of electronics and mechanics – It’s ok if not, we can help you learn this.
3. Arts and craft making skills – Very important, giving a body, a shape, which is beautiful is something that inspires students to pursue it further.

So the above are the skill requirements if you are teaching beginners, I mean using Havi Elements – DIY Robotics Starter Kit.

If you are looking to train students for the next level too, you should have programming skills. It’s ok if you are not good with programming already, but a very good maths aptitude is important to learn that.

robotics teacher
With Havi Elements DIY Robotics Starter Kit even an art teacher too, can kickstart the robotics journey of beginners.

Robotics Teacher Vacancy: Opportunities Await You

As the demand for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education grows, so does the need for qualified robotics teachers. The increased implementation of new education policy in India will further increase the need of teachers who can help students execute robotics and STEM creations.

Hence schools have been hiring robotics teachers aggressively. If they could not find one, they would ask their computer teachers, lab instructors and science teachers to upgrade their skills. And you will have to!

Apart from schools, the demand for private and freelance teachers are rapidly increasing as parents are spending to match their kids’ skills with future needs.

There are also edtech companies, startups, hobby centers and coaching institutes who hire robotics teachers. And also several robotics teachers are self employed, either serve as a freelancer or would run their own institute.

Robotics teachers are required in both the modes, online and offline.

robotics teacher

Robotics Teacher Salary: What to Expect in the Indian Context

Remuneration for robotics teachers varies from school to school and region to region. Factors like availability of teachers, geographical location of the school, financial constraints and others may affect the salary.

Schools have been hiring robotics teachers either on full time or on adhoc basis.
In case of an adhoc recruitment schools may pay the teachers based on the number of classes they will have to conduct.

In various modes, on an average a robotics teacher can earn anywhere between 200 to 1000 rs per hour.

becoming robotics teacher

Robotics Teacher Job Description: Beyond the Classroom

Robotics is a “Learn by Doing” skill. If someone is claiming a series of theory classes and you will learn robotics with that, consider it a gimmick, sub standard, fake or anything but Robotics.
So if you are a school and recruiting a robotics teacher, make sure you look for the following.

  • Someone who loves to make hands-on projects.
  • Attitude and aptitude towards science.
  • Have good craft skills to inspire beautiful creations.

For school administration, here we have prepared a template of job description for a Robotics teacher.

Robotics teacher job description

Robotics Teacher Certification: Elevating Your Credentials offers free training and teaching material to the teachers when they buy Havi Elements – DIY Robotics Starter Kit.

However a certificate, when it comes from havi, makes a huge difference as it won’t be just a piece of paper but a validation of your skills.

Please contact us if you are looking to be a certified robotics teacher.

How to Teach Robotics to Kids: The Art of Simplifying Complexity

Teaching robotics to kids requires a unique approach. Break down complex concepts into bite-sized, hands-on activities. Foster creativity and problem-solving skills by encouraging students to work on real-world projects. Make learning fun, and you’ll see your students develop a genuine interest in robotics.

Checkout How to teach robotics to kids to explore this in detail.

how to teach robotics to kids

How Do You Teach Robotics in School

Teaching robotics is a balancing act. It’s a subject which is not yet included in formal education and does not have merit when it comes to entrance and competitive exams. But it’s a discipline that helps kids develop several important skills and prepares for the future too.

So school administrators, parents and children, keeping everyone’s interests is crucial.
1. Collaborate with school administrators to integrate robotics into the existing curriculum.
2. Showcase the interdisciplinary nature of robotics by linking it to subjects like math, science, and technology.
3. Demonstrating the practical applications of robotics can help parents and administrators understand its relevance in the broader educational landscape.

Robotics Teacher Training

You can use organized learning resources that come along with havi elements – DIY Robotics Starter Kit. We offer regular updates, follow ups and feedback post every class you conduct at school.

Investing in ongoing professional development is key to staying at the forefront of robotics education. Attend workshops, conferences, and training sessions to refine your skills and stay updated on emerging technologies. Continuous learning ensures you provide the best possible education to your students.

Free Robotics Curriculum: Resources for Budget-Friendly Teaching

We offer curriculum and content for free when you buy Havi Elements – DIY Robotics Starter Kit.
You can also refer to valuable content and tools on the platforms like, NASA, and Khan Academy to craft engaging lessons without breaking the bank.

Becoming a robotics teacher in India is an exciting journey filled with opportunities to inspire the next generation of innovators. By staying informed, continuously learning, and embracing creativity in your teaching approach, you’ll not only make a difference in the lives of your students but also contribute to the growth of STEAM education in the country.
Good luck on your robotics teaching adventure!

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