What is IoT?


Your phone is not the only smart device in your house anymore, you can turn anything from refrigerators to light bulbs, to ovens to doors into smart devices.

You can make your oven heat up exactly by the time you reach home and turn your AC on automatically when the temperature rises above your liking.

The magical wand that puts the spell on all these devices to turn them smart is IoT.

In the class, we discuss all these possibilities made available with IoT and it’s working.

Class Summary:

3:37 – Have you opened a microwave oven?

4:30 – Is it possible to set the microwave oven to get off automatically after it reaches a certain temperature?

5:15 – Is it possible to do the same on the stove?

5:45 – Is it possible to do it on a washing machine or TV, music systems?

10:58 – The answer to it all Yes and is made possible by IoT. We have conductted one such IoT experiment(a motion detector at the door) using Havi Elements.

12:34 – Full form of IoT- Internet of Things

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