What is Electricity? – Explained With Experiment

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We switch on the light upon entering a room as an involuntary act, without even giving it a second thought. 

But what makes that light turn on? What makes the phone charge upon plugging in?

Electricity or the Electric Current. 

What goes on behind the scenes of all these activities is as fascinating too.

We discuss the working of electricity in the class. 

Class Summary:

0:07 – What is Electricity? It’s a flow of small particles called electrons. When the electrons move, they carry electrical energy from one place to another – That’s how electricity travels.

0:17 – A small experiment with Havi Elements to see electricity in action.

Connect Power source —>Power element —> buzzer

0:50 – Electrons are the energy that powers everything. The electrons move from negatively charged parts to positively charged ones.

1:45 – Taking an example of a pencil cell – The negatively charged part of the cell has extra electrons, while the positively charged part wants more electrons. The electrons then jump from one part to another. When the electrons move, the current can flow.

Note: Never connect the positive and negative of the same battery together.

4:02 – The circuit of the experiment we conducted above looks like this.

The electrons move in the path we provide from negative to positive while powering the buzzer on the way. 

Electricity and electrons is a wide topic, do ask your questions in the comment box below. Let’s demystify electrons – the driving force of the electrical universe.

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