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Table tennis playing robot

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Chess playing machines are old and playing digital soccer is boring (isn’t it?). But what about a Wimbledon doubles match played on the court, only between robots?

There would be people saying it is impossible but there were people who laughed at the possibility of a machine which could beat Garry Kasparov.

Anyways, that future could be at a bit distance but in the last Havi Camp, kids enjoyed watching a video clip in which a machine plays Table Tennis against a human. (Video credit to TableTennisDaily)

0:00 – the man vs machine table tennis game

3:28 – how this table tennis robot works?

A machine who can do this kind of task has two primary components.

    1. The hardware part, for which one needs to learn electronics and mechanics
    2. The Software, yes yes the coding 🙂

The program that you write receives the data sent by the sensors and processes that. Using this data the program will learn by itself and what do we call to that? Yes Machine learning.

Here if you observe carefully in the video, the machine played a particular shot wrong but learnt out of that and played it well the next time.

Machine learning if used well can help humans for sure. For example checkout how Machine learning helps to save Orca and count Elephants.

But for now it’s time to learn coding, electronics and table tennis in Real. 😉

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