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Make a smart street light project using IR sensor

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What is an automatic street light? How does a smart street light work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of automatic street lights? We have discussed all of them in detail in this post: How to make automatic street light project – DIY smart street light model.

So in this blog post we will focus on making an automatic street light project using IR sensor.

Introduction of Automatic street light project using IR sensor

Automatic street light using Light sensor (LDR): You can make a smart street light that goes on and off based on the availability of light in the environment. It will turn on in case of darkness and will go off in daylight.

Automatic street light using IR sensor: We can make two features of automatic street light using IR sensor.

1. A street light that goes on and off based on object movement. The object can be a vehicle, a human, or an animal.
2. The street light that goes on and off based on the sunlight. In presence of adequate sunlight, the street light will remain off, and in absence, will turn on.

We will discuss making both of these features here. But the problem is, both of them can’t work together in a single circuit.

Automatic streetlight circuit

Components required to make automatic streetlight


  • Power Element
  • IR Element pair with 3-pin cable
  • LED Element


  • Powerbank with USB cable
  • LED cables

Craft material:

  • Card board/box
  • Construction or craft papers
  • Paper straws
  • Colors
  • Double-sided tape

You can use any of the following kits to make automatic street light project.
1) Havi Elements – DIY Robotics Starter Kit.
2) Havi Elements – DIY Robotic Toy Car.

You will make your craft yourself.

Once we have all of these, we can start making the circuit first.

Step 1 Make following circuit

Power + IR + LED

circuit of smart street light using IR sensor
Step 2

step 2 of making smart streetlight using ir sensor
Step 3

step 3 of making smart streetlight using ir sensor
Step 4

step 4 of making smart streetlight using ir sensor
Step 5

Adjust the potentiometer of the IR element in the middle so that the sensor can detect the adequate light.

Bring an object near to the IR LED and test your circuit. LEDs should glow up in the dark and will go off in the presence of light.

So you have successfully made the electronics and sensor part of your smart street light project.

Make a platform of height 3 cms using the project paper. Choose length and width according to your project plan. Color it to make it look beautiful. You can draw roads, greens etc. of your own imaginations.

Make two a hole in the box, one to pass the cable and another to hold the IR led at the surface.

step 5 of making smart streetlight using ir sensor
smart streetlight model using ir sensor
Your IR sensor based smart streetlight project is ready. The streetlight should turn on as a toy vehicle passes on the Sensor LEDs and will turn off when gone.

Other craft models by users – Our “Havi”s

streetlight craft model
streetlight basic craft model
streetlight craft model for kids

How does it work?

Checkout how the IR works?

The IR sensor will detect a vehicle, or human or animal, passing on the road as object. As the IR detects an object, it will send the signal to the LED element and light will turn on. The LED will turn off after the object goes off.

Also sunlight has IR rays, so in presence of the sunlight the LEDs will turn on. If we want to do the reverse, should add Flip Element between IR and LED element. Change the circuit as shown below:

circuit of street light using ir sensor wirh flip

Advantages when implemented in the real world.

We have discussed about advantages and disadvantage of implementing smart streetlights in our blog of How to make a smart street light using Light sensor. So not discussing them again here.

So your tiny invention can solve a huge problem!

What else can you do with this same circuit combination?

Share your ideas and project photos here.

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