24 laws, children would make, if they were in control

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Children made laws blog by Havi

Our nation maintains peace, our administration works smoothly and our people stay within their boundaries for the fact that we have certain laws in place. If we don’t have these laws, then the whole world would be in chaos.

Have you ever thought of a world without any rules, protocols or procedures in place? Just Google it, you will find enough instances of a chaotic world.

Another truth bomb, these laws are administered by renowned dignitaries, the learned men of the nation. However, if we consider a child’s mind, which is just so fresh and pristine, we can get to understand a totally different perspective. These perspectives matter for us to understand what could be the need of the hour.

At Havi, we asked children to answer one simple question: If you could make up a law, what would it be?

You will be astonished by the answers we received. Have a look at these 24 laws, these children would make, if they could.

1. “No one is actually following the law whatever to be followed. So I would like to make a law of it😊 :Jyothsna”

2. “Everyone should respect each other no one can disrespect anybody :Pallavi(16)”

3. “There should be no Exam in whole life :Gargee Deokate(13)”

4. “Student of every Indian school from grade 7th should have Gaming curriculum :Pradumna Kiran Shewale(14)”

5. “If I could make up a law, I would make something like – Everyone would have same amount of money irrespective of their religion, caste, gender. I could stop discrimination with this law. :Aarna Mangla”

6. “The rich and the poor will stand aside shoulder to shoulder :Gargee Bose(15)”

7. “The law would be that every person should plant 5 trees in his/her lifetime :Navya Jaiswal(11)”

8. “Plant a sapling on your birthday 🎂 :Maitree Panchal(13)”

9. “I form a time limit in watching the mobile phone :Aman Krishna A(14)”

10. “I will make the law that Corruption should be stopped :Charmi Soni(13)”

11. “Clean nearby area :VikasGarg”

12. “Nothing, but I think if all the laws would follow by the public correctly, then no other laws are required.”

13. “Death punishment for rapists :Kanav Goel(9)”

14. “Population Control and plant a tree on each birthday, it will be compulsory otherwise fine will be charged :Garima Jindal(12)”

15. “I would eliminate law related to reservations in the job. Only merit-based selection will be applicable. :Sakshi Gehani”

16. “Educate orphans :Nadhin Krishna(11)”

17. “Holidays should not be given to school because I LOVE my school :Shreya(13)”

18. “Do not cut down trees🌲Do not kill animals🐵 Do not waste water💦 :Adina Khan(10)”

19. “Free education and free healthcare for everyone :Agravat Khushi Shardulkumar”

20. “Certain Criteria for the politician :Mahavir(18)”

21. “To not judge anyone :Barkha”

22. “Law for Protection of Women. Save and free our Mother earth from plastic :UmmeHani Saghar(14)”

23. “Every girl is free to what is want to wear :Sakshi Kumari(12)”

24. “Punishment for the minister who changes their party for money…it should be considered as a bribe :Raisha(13)”

Looking at these responses from the children has made us ponder, where are we heading. These little children truly understand what’s happening around them. Let’s come forward and make this world a better place for these children, for our children.

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