3 toys & activities to improve creativity & imagination

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A few days back, we asked a question to our community.

That was: “What would you prefer to gift to your child, a mansion or a truckload of bricks”?

Around 82% of the parents said that they would prefer to gift a truckload of bricks, instead of a mansion, to their kids. And that’s a positive sign for this society.

Giving a child a complete fort is giving them a place to bury their ideas. If you give them a set of building blocks, they can create any number of new and unique structures. That ignites imagination, creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving skills.

Here we present 3 toys and activities which help kids to imagine and build themselves.

1) Complete the Picture

Multiple types of drawing and painting activities are there. Like:

  • Join the dots to make the picture
  • Fill the colors
  • Draw on a blank canvas
  • Make the symmetrical second half of the picture

And others….

But what if we provide a picture to the kids and ask them to complete it on their own? Take for example, the following picture.


Here we don’t expect kids to just fill the colors in the lion, but asking them to add their views to the picture.

A lion can not necessarily see prey. He could see anything according to the kids and the only thing we can and must do is appreciate their thoughts.

No, we can not tell the creators how a lion can see a basketball. Let him see 🙂

It’s not about becoming realistic and correct but creative and imaginative.

Everyone who drew a human flying in the sky was incorrect before 1902 if you remember.

2) Playing with blocks

The good old and proven toy. You are not required to use only lego. There are tens or in fact, hundreds of designs of this open-ended wonder toy. A variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and joineries are available in the block world.

Someone can make a house out of the blocks and the same blocks can be used by the same person to make a horse.

Sometimes I feel like that’s one of the most wonderful inventions the universe of kids has got so far. A boon!


Why just kids, creating with blocks is helpful to keep the creativity and imagination alive for people of any age.

Even electronic blocks are also available to give life to your creativity.

Try making. The output is short-term but the experiences you collect during the journey are lifelong.

3) DIY Robotic toy car

How many of you have played with a remote-controlled car? Or have purchased one to gift to your or someone else’s kids?

Several crore units would have got sold of branded and unbranded, costliest to cheapest remote-controlled cars collectively. Speed is one of the things that excites humans in general and this RC car is the toy that uses that emotion.

But what if we channel the same emotion and passion towards toy cars to boost their creativity and imagination?

Try Havi Elements DIY Robotic Toy Car.


Here instead of playing with an out-of-the-box car, kids would first build the car with wooden plates. And now comes the wonder.

You can run this car in several different ways by permutation and combination of havi elements which come in the box.

Building and running the havi elements car is a journey. You find several ways to run and play with the car.

That’s it.

What other toys and activities you have used to give your kids boundary-less play? Please write in the comment for the benefit of everyone.

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