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How to make a robotic car using Havi elements

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Building a robot starts with making a robotic car. Here we are preparing a most basic robotic car that moves in forward direction, reverse direction and circles around using Havi Elements DIY Robotics Starter Kit. You can change this robotic car to a line follower robot, edge avoider robot and several others by changing Havi Elements.

So let’s start making a DIY robotic toy car!

What you need?


Power – 1
Motor – 2


Car plate
Wheels – 2
Roller – 1
Geared motors – 2
Double sided tape

The making

Step 1

Hold a wheel into your left hand and a geared motor in the right hand. Keep the motor in a way so the black head points opposite to you and the motor wire faces your right palm.

Push the motor shaft into the shaft slot of the wheel. You will have to match the flat and curved surfaces of the shaft and the slot.

Similarly, do this for the other wheel.

Step 2

The place where you see’s logo is the top front portion of the car chassis. You need to start working on the opposite side, i.e. the bottom.

Step 3

Stick a piece of double sided tape on the motor. Match with the motor slot at the car plate bottom. Stick the geared motor on the car plate.

Similarly for the second motor.

Step 4

Stick two small pieces of the tape at the bottom of the roller and stick that below’s logo on the car plate.

Step 5

Prepare the circuit of Power-Motor-Motor and connect it with the powerbank using USB cable. Stick the entire circuit setup with the car chassis using DST.

Step 6

Connect the motor cables with the motor element.

Your car is ready to go. Turn the power on and it will zoom on the floor.

Change the direction of the switches on the motor elements to make the robotic car going forward, reverse and in circle around.

How does it work?

The power element does supply the current to motor elements. The motor elements supply the current to geared motors which will rotate the connected wheels.

Wheels will rotate together to force the car to move. The roller will reduce the friction and will help the car to move smoothly.

This is the fundamental principle behind an electric car. Kids can submit this car project to school and science fairs.

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