Activity to Generate Electricity using Havi Elements


From toys to play stations to electric cars. The electricity powers everything.

Have you seen a tiny button cell, as small as the Bindi that women stick on their forehead? Probably in a toy or a wrist watch. That tiny cell is the source of electricity for many devices.

Electricity is actually just one more form of energy. Heat, motion, static, magnetism… any of these forms of energy can be turned into electricity.

Wanna generate some electricity yourself? Let’s do it.

00:05 – Activity 1

You will need Havi Elements for this. Get power and motor elements and connect them. Connect a wheel+BO motor with the motor element. Observe what happens if you turn the power on.

Now remove the power element and attach the buzzer element with the motor element. Hold the wheel and rotate the motor fast. What does happen?

As the magnetic field of the magnets inside the motor cuts due to rotation, electricity is generated and supplied to the buzzer. Which makes the buzzer sound.

This is electromagnetism. In one of the previous Havi Camp, we have discussed electromagnetism and working of the motor in detail.

3:00 – Activity 2

You can theoretically convert any form of energy into electricity. So the heat as well.

Rub your Palms for 30 seconds? What happened? and why?

The molecules of your palms run faster due to the rubbing and that running causes the warmth. This energy is very tiny to be converted to electricity.

5:38 – Activity 3

Touch the car tires after it has run for several kilometers? What do you observe? And what can be the reason? Analyse yourself and comment your answer in the section below.

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