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Three most fun Dussehra activities for kids

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Navratri and Dussehra are just around. As a parent or teacher, you must be looking for new fun and creative activities which you can ask your children to do.

Instead of informing kids about Dusshera, what if we engage them into meaningful activities which bring them fun as well as the knowledge of the culture too?

Here are Three amazing Dusshera activities you can do with your kids this season.

1. Kill the Ravan, an activity with Havi Elements

In this activity, we will prepare the Dussehra set-up and then, will add some fun and tech in it, using Havi Elements – DIY Robotics starter kit.

In this, we will draw a sketch of ravan on the baloon and will place that near to the circuit. As we blow the balloon, LEDs will glow and buzzer will make the sound.

Elements required:
Power Element
IR Element with IR LED
Flip Element
Buzzer Element
LED Element

Accessories required:
LED cables
Power bank with USB cable

Craft material:
Double-sided tape
Arrow to hit the balloon
Craft papers, scissors, sketch pens etc..

circuit for dussehra fun activities

Prepare the background circuit setup.

dussehra fun activity circuit setup

(Here we have used multiple LED Elements & LED cables. You can setup as per your availability.)

Adjust the sensitivity with potentiometer


Prepare a balloon with a sketch of Ravan and place it near IR LED.

dussehra fun activity final setup

Use a skewer or toothpick to blow the balloon. Watch the video to understand better.

2. Fun dussehra coding activity

In this activity, we will have a coding challenge to kill the Ravan.
The activity is to mark out all the 10 heads of Ravan.
Check the step-by-step video here:

Now, write the code here: Dussehra fun coding activity

3. Quiz activity

Why not to give kids a set of Dussehra quiz?

Download the pdf given and solve the quiz related to Ramayan war.

Download Fun Dussehra Quiz by Havi
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