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Make a Robotic Insect (Bug) Using Havi Elements

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Did you know that a Fly has spied on someone’s relationships? No? Ok, about that Spider which was used by police to search for and apprehend the criminals?

And I am sure at least you know about that bug that can transform their limbs into weapons!

We are talking about robot bugs. And all these are examples of robot inspects introduced in various movies. There are many more.

Mimicking the insect is fascinating for many researchers, engineers, and product designers working in the fields like defense and medicine.

Making robot inspects is a favorite to them. And today we are going to make our own robot insect toy using Havi Elements.

What is an insect robot?

An insect robot, also known as a robotic insect or robot bug, is a type of robot designed to mimic the appearance, movement, or behavior of real insects. They can be spiders, ants, bees, flies, termites, backswimmers, grasshoppers, and anything.

These robots are often inspired by the characteristics and capabilities of these insects, such as their agility, small size, ability to navigate complex environments, and efficient locomotion.

Are there robotic bugs?

Yes, the simplest answers. Robotic researchers, specially in the domains of defence and medicine have created several robot bugs.

How to make an insect robot?

We will go through the step by step process of making an insect bot using havi elements, that moves around and makes a humming sound.

What you need?


Power – 1
Motor – 1


Powerbank with usb cable
Gearless motor – 1
Double sided tape

Craft Material:

Icecream sticks – 3
A 2 cm piece of glue stick

The making

We are using icecream sticks to make the insect. But if you want to give it a more realistic look, can use moldable metal cable.

Step 1

Cut one of the ice cream sticks from the middle to make two equal parts.

Do the same for the second stick too, but after cutting from the middle, cut both of them further to make the sticks slightly (around 1 cm) shorter than the first stick parts.

And the same way make further shorter parts of the third stick.

Step 2

Use pieces of double sided tape to stick the ice cream stick pieces along with the sides of the power bank.

Step 3

Insert the gearless motor shaft into the glue stick piece

Step 4

Make the Power-Motor circuit and bind it with a power bank using DST.

Place the gearless motor.

robot-bug-8 (2)
And lastly, decorate your robot insect the way you want it to be. Your DIY robot insect toy is ready!

Place it on a table surface and turn the power switch on. See the bug moving around and making the sound. Can toggle the motor element switch too. Find your playtime!

And don’t forget to share your creation with us and your friends.

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