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How to make led table lamp working model at home

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Do you have a table lamp at home? Yes, the one that is useful for reading at night time. Changing lifestyle has unknowingly reduced the presence of this once upon a time useful gadget.

Parents and teachers, the presence of a reading lamp on the table was seen as a sign of someone being learned and knowledgeable, right?

Do you know how to make an LED table lamp working model yourself? Let us explain that in today’s blog. We will make a table lamp working model using Havi Elements, LED lights, and craft material.

Placing a nicely looking LED table lamp right in front of the kids on their desk will inspire them to create more. And this is a good STEM project idea for kids aged 7+.

Things you need


LED cables – 4
Power bank with USB cable

Craft material:
Project templates(Available for free download)
Rubber bands
Cardpapers, pencil, scale(Optional)

The making of table lamp model

Step 1
Download the templates, print them in A4 paper(>170 gsm). And cut from the boundaries.


Optionally, you can take a card paper or cardboard, draw as per the measurements given and cut from the boundaries.

Step 2
First, let’s make the holder of lights. Fold the first template as shown in the image.

Step 3
Use glue to stick the sides.

Step 4
Make holes in the four circles given using a compass. Stick the upper flap using glue.

The holder part is ready.

Step 5
Now, let’s make the pole of table study lamp. Fold the template as given in the image and use glue to bind it. Your pole is ready.

The pole is ready.

Step 6
Let’s make the base of the table lamp. Fold the paper into a rectangle. Cut out the center square and fold the sides of it. Use glue to stick them. Check the video for proper execution.

Step 7
Cut a square slit from the base.

Step 8
Snap the circuit: Power + LED. Tie the circuit well using rubber bands.

Step 9
Insert the circuit inside the base of the table lamp as shown.

Step 10
Connect the LED cables with the LED Element. Insert the poll into base and holder into the pole, stick them using tape. The tip of the LEDs should be placed inside the holes of the holder.

You table lamp working model is ready!

How does it work?

Similar to DIY torch, when we turn on the power element, the current passes from power to LED and the connected LEDs light up.

Major learnings

  • Basic electronics
  • Craft skills
  • Balancing skills
  • Product design skills

Let’s adopt the culture of DIY for the better tomorrow of our kids, so they can gain creativity & problem-solving skills. We hope you like this LED project. Do share your study table photo with the lamp on it with us..!

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