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Choosing the right robotic Kit for kids and beginners: A comprehensive guide

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which robotics kit to choose

My son is studying in the 6th standard. Which of your robotics kits would you recommend? I received this question recently from a connection on social media, and it’s not the first time.

“Which robotics kit would you recommend for my 7-year-old daughter? I want to gift a robotic kit to my grandson, who is coming from the US this week. Which one should I purchase? My daughter is just 5, but I want to spend time with her using your kits. Which one is suitable?”

I keep receiving these questions from parents, grandparents, elder siblings, cousins, uncles, aunties, and conscious gift givers.

Hence, I thought of writing the answer here, which might be useful to everyone trying to make a better decision.

After all, you choosing the right and helpful kit is important to us, not the costliest or cheapest one.

Most important points to know before you start deciding:

  • We have four different boxes of Havi Elements.
  • Havi Elements are snap-fit, easy to use, colorful, intuitive, and durable electronic blocks with which you can create several robotics and STEAM projects.
  • Each of the boxes contains a varying number of Havi Elements, a few accessories, and craft materials.
  • The number of elements in the box determines the number of projects you can create.

Is that clear? Let’s see how to choose the right robotics kit now.

Havi Elements DIY Robotics Starter Kit

diy robotics starter kit blog
This one is the maximum! Maximum in terms of Havi elements, the number of projects, and cost too.

Choose this kit based on few of the following parameters that turn YES for you:

  • Have already made a few non-robotics things.
  • Enjoy doing from-the-ground-up projects or want to build an interest in that.
  • Are interested in DIY toys and projects.
  • Enjoy crafting using cardboard, papers, etc.
  • You, as a parent, grandparent, or a grown-up, have an interest in making projects and plan to spend time with kids creating projects during vacations and weekends.
  • Looking for science fair and school project making.
  • Looking for 2-3-5 years timeframe. Yes, Havi Elements are durable and if used well can work after 5 years too!

Then buy’s DIY Robotics starter kit.

It provides you with an open-ended platform to build hundreds of projects, and during that journey, you’ll learn about robotics, electronics, and concepts of STEAM.

Plus, this kit is widely used in schools & curriculum as well. Know more here.

Havi Elements DIY Robotics Starter Kit
Now, the following three are sub-packs of DIY robotics starter kit. You are not required to buy any of the following if you purchase a DIY robotics starter kit. However, after purchasing any of the following, you can upgrade to DIY robotics starter kit for sure.

DIY Robotic Toy Car

diy robotic toy car blog

  • Buying for a car lover?
  • Looking to build a fancy, nice-looking car yourself? And then run it in 18 different ways?
  • Not too much into Do It Yourself things but mature enough to start?

Buy the Havi Elements – DIY Robotic Toy Car Kit.

It’s a great alternative to DIY robotics starter kit at a lower investment. Here, you can create 18 smart car functions and 23 other robotics and STEAM projects, totaling 41 creations.

Havi Elements DIY Robotic Toy Car
You can always upgrade this kit to DIY robotics starter kit by buying missing elements and accessories.

Object Sensor Projects Kit or DIY Smart Lighting kit?

diy smart lighting kitdiy object sensor projects kit

  • Looking for something at a lower investment?
  • Want to begin the Do It Yourself journey?
  • Want to check and/or build an interest in robotics and STEAM?

If the creator loves lights and craft, buy Havi Elements DIY Smart Lighting kit.

Havi Elements DIY Smart Lighting Kit
If the creator loves sound and sports, buy Havi elements DIY Object Sensor projects Kit.

Havi Elements DIY Object Sensor Projects Kit
You can always purchase the remaining elements and accessories to complete your robotics kit.

So now you are ready to choose the right robotic kit. But still, if you want to ask any of us in person, you are welcome! 😉

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